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(Less outlandish)


I wonder with all that's going on if post-modernist deconstruction and reconstruction of society will ever come to North America. People are mercurial and that doesn't reflect the system where we simply elect officials to make our decisions for us.


Personally, I think it would be better if everyone could vote electronically on outstanding issues. We already have plenty of government ID cards, numbers, and personal information we use as proof of identity. Government operated job employment centers and libraries have plenty of public computers in them; nobody would have to be excluded by default. Primarily it's a more accurate reflection of what the majority want. In a real democracy the government should be there to structure and organize the will of the people. 



(More outlandish)


If we set a price floor and ceiling (with enough leeway to carry businesses on off seasons and the like) on everything we produce autonomously a few interesting things should happen... Inflation would stop (since inflation can also be translated to the cost of living mathematically), and by consequence the value of our dollar jumps in contrast to other countries (Our price dollar for items remain the same but everywhere else it gets more expensive). Importing becomes cheaper and exporting becomes more profitable. The economy becomes more predictable and reliable. Then treat citizens of a country like a giant corporation (not literally) for bulk discount margins . That puts the people as a whole on even footing with major corporations. While they individually don't make as much income, they also won't have to pay more for their country's own goods.

We already adjust the price of things based off supply and demand but we're not treating our country as a united body.

 We're offered a few shades of choices (political parties) that are all wildly different and don't allow for any nuances in the people's thinking. It takes a lot of money to start and maintain a political party which makes money a major limiting factor in who can run for office.

My 3 cents.



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